whyme handpiece team

whyme Story

“whyme” is a new dental handpiece brand in China, which is the son of a dental handpiece factory and a professinal dental items exporter.

Now, I will tell you something about my father and my mother.

My father:

A great factory who focus on precise production all his lifetime. He is such a quite men focusing on his products. Even today, many spare parts of my similars are from my father.
Before 2005: Produced precise parts for wristwatch over 10 years.
After 2005: Focus on researching and developing dental handpiece, with years of experience on CNC Machining and a a deep understanding of dental handpiece, do the OEM and ODM, have high reputation in the dental industry.
Now, my father has three floors, nearly 3,000 square meters of production space, and the most advanced CNC machine, testing equipment, meanwhile, a group of experienced professionals and perfect quality management system. Welcome to visit my father anytime if you want.
Before meet my mother, my father believe a chinese old saying: if the wine is well enough, you don’t need to be afraid the alley is too deep.

My mother:

A professional dental purchase service company (treedental) since 2007, she described herself as “china dental resource integrator”. She help the customers like you to purchase dental items from china. She have a wealth of experience in the international trade and she know the Chinese dental market very well.
Now my mother owns nearly 500 square meters’ office, including professional showroom, meeting room and different department room. More than 20 professional staff are serving our lovely customers. Welcome to visit my mother anytime you want.

Half a year ago, they fell in love, and today give birth to me.
I know pregnancy is always not a easy job, but my parents did it, I am proud of them, I will not disappoint them. Today is just a great beginning.

I am ready, and you?

Customers Love Us

whyme customers

“thank you very much for completion of our questionnair and all information about the handpiece. We really likes your experiences and we would like to cooperate with you”
Mr. Satoko, Japan
“Thank you for your quick delivery, My Client is looking for the handpiece arrived. Also One of my another Client will going to take 30pcs more, i will contact you in next monday. Thank you”
Mr. Jone, USA
“Your are so kind and explain to me patiently, Our team will take 5pcs sample for test, Please send the paypal invoice. Also Pls send them by the fastest way, after the test, will take a big order.”
Mr. Bilal, Australia
“Your handpiece is cost-effective and suitable for me ,I would like to take more soon..”
Jogy, Mexico
Your reciprocation handpiece impresses me. I want to take more this time.
Dr. Tse, Greece