whyme management

Why the board is here?

Since the factory and the service company (treedental) get married, a new family was created. The board here is to make the communication between production and sales goes more smoothly and make market strategies together.


Jack Wen

Chairman of the board

Mr. Wen, Chairman of the board, more than 20 years experience in precise parts production and 10 years in dental handpiece field, meanwhile a very quiet old men and doesn’t like so much focusing on. So he doesn’t like to put his photo here. If you want to know him and discuss your product idea with him, welcome to visit us and we are happy to introduce him to you.

CEO of production

Thomas Pan
CEO of production

Mr. Pan, CEO of production, more than 10 years experience in dental handpiece production. If you visit us, he will tell you every details about the handpiece and will teach you how to identify a handpiece is good quality or not.

CEO of sales

Hellen Pan
CEO of sales

Ms. Hellen Pan, CEO of sales, focus on dental purchase service since 2007, have a wealth of experience in the international trade and she know the Chinese dental market very well. So she know exactly what you need and can give exactly what you want. Consign your issues to her, she would do more than you think.